Tattoos of Moon Phases

Tattoos of Moon Phases

It is said that lunar phases have a strong impact on the Earth. Among other things, regulates the moon and tides significant impact on the feelings of the living earth ground. It also illuminates the night and guides lost travelers. But besides all this, do whatever tattoo moon phases in an exquisite design, its simple beauty.

As you can imagine, tattoo designs are many possible phases of the moon: You can select a tattoo all phases of the moon, or just one: the full moon, crescent moon, crescent moon, New Moon, Dark Moon, and so on. And not only they have options, time, plan a honeymoon, you can use the style of Aztec style, Celtic, or more cartoony, for example.

Tattoos on the phases of the moon looks good when placed along the arm, lower back or along the vertical. If you choose to tattoo the lunar phase, so the design will be smaller and therefore easier to find.

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