Tattoos of letters Chicana

Tattoos of letters Chicana

When we tattoos a sentence or a word, either a name, a noun, an adjective, or anything else, our skin is as if he were speaking through that tattoo. For my part, I’ve always had this idea: if a tattoo of words or phrases that tell something through the skin, the font you choose is how we say it. And if you want to scream to the world what your tattoo says I have an idea that will surely like: tattoos Chicano letters.

Rarely find a tattoo Chicano letters small. Generally, these tattoos are big, so you can appreciate the detail design and all it contains. Because, you see in the photos accompanying the article, the letters are not just a Chicano version of italics. What makes these unique design tattoos are the “trim” that emerge from the letters and decorate a special way each word.

With regard to color tattoo Chicano letters, nothing is written, in fact, can be designed without more colors than black if that pleases you. Also characteristic of the tattoos of the letters submitted Chicana some kind of plot, contours or shading to make them more appealing than they already are.

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