Maori tattoo Bracelets

Maori tattoo Bracelets

Bracelets tattoos are those that are made ​​in the bicep, around it. Are very common tattoos of bracelets made ​​with tribal designs or Aztecs , but those are not the only reasons available for this attractive tattoo. For example, a good alternative bracelets tattoos are Maori.

The tatt Maori bracelets or you are usually designed from abstract figures, usually black, although there are those who choose to put a touch of blue or red ink in your tattoo. What sets Maori bracelets from others is that they are more artistic, less “rigid”. The Aztecs or tribal designs are more symmetrical compared to the Maori, which consist of visibly free strokes.

In my opinion, the Maori tattoo bracelets are a great design, which never ceases to be attractive and definitely do not get tired of looking over your skin. Men and women are increasingly choosing these original Maori designs.

You, what would you prefer one or a Maori tattoo classic? If so click on the link and find the perfect design for you.

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