Indian feather tattoo

Indian feather tattoo

Many symbols of Native American culture have become a source of inspiration and tattoos. And the pig pens are one of those designs detached from this interesting symbolism. Despite the strong symbolism of these, many choose Indian feather tattoo because they are also visually striking, on the undisputed aesthetic appeal.

For Native Americans, the feathers were much more than just an accessory: the size of these reflected the courage and strength as a warrior of the wearer. The shape, color and size of the boom imply a meaning, which is necessary to pay attention to the type of design you choose for your tattoo boom in India.

On the other hand, Indian feather tattoos also have meanings associated with metaphorical and figurative level. The feathers, according to Native American cultures, are a symbol of freedom. They represent the ability to fly in the plane of dreams, creatively and emotionally.

The designs of Indian feather tattoos are often combined with other images. Tattoos are very popular bracelets and necklaces with an Indian feather. These tattoos can also be represented with flowers, or anything else related to nature.

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